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Is it time to move yet?
Published on February 28, 2008 By cortafuegos In Parenting

Today started like most other normal days.  I got up, exercised, woke the kids up for school, got them some breakfast and got them on the school bus before sitting down to check my email.  Today was a special day because I had a new email from the Babysitter informing me she was moving out of her current home into her boyfriend’s home. 

Of course this comes on the tails of telling me she was moving to the same community as where I live just two days ago.  (The kids go to school in my district because of the quality of the schools).  And, no less, she had told the kids she was moving over by us as well.  I always loved the consistency of her inconsistency… she must be proud of the subtle message she is sending our children and what a beautiful and wonderful example she is setting for our children by placing them in a living situation with her boyfriend. 

First, you must know a little about the boyfriend.  We will call him Joe.  According to confessions of the Babysitter, Joe is an alcoholic and has issues with commitment.  Apparently Joe thinks he is a gift for all women.  The Babysitter has revealed that she has set traps for him on Internet dating sites and the rat took the bait.  Of course the Babysitter claimed it was over (at least 4 times that I can recall), but magically the kids always tell me on the next trip to her home that they went over to Joe’s house… Okay, back to the story. 

So, Joe and the Babysitter moved all of her things to include the kid’s furniture and their belongings to his home over the weekend.  The kids came home and said they had fun moving and that “Mommy actually cooked three meals on Saturday and Sunday”.  Of course they were proud because they haven’t been cooked a meal at her house in probably 3 or 4 months.  So, as usual I took things in stride, had fun with the kids over the next few days and then she returned to pick them up for their next time together.  They returned after the second day of visiting and said things didn’t go so well this time.  They said “Mommy didn’t cook this time, laid in bed most of the day and they heard Joe saying that he couldn’t deal with having the kids there”.  Keep in mind, Joe has twin 6 year old boys that apparently have behavioral challenges. 

The next day I got the kids off to school and began my day by checking my email as I normally do.  Surprise!  I had a new email from the Babysitter informing me that she is moving out of Joe’s house (less than 10 days of moving in) and going to stay at her parent’s home until she saves for a deposit on the original place she claimed she was moving in to.  My oldest son is in middle school and he said he got to help his mom move all their things over to Grandma and Grandpa’s house while Joe watched TV.  He said Joe couldn’t help because there was no one else to watch his boys.  Can you keep up with all this? 

So, the Babysitter has been at her parents for the last two weeks and apparently when she doesn’t have the kids she is packing a night bag and staying over at Joe’s house!  According to the Babysitter she is moving into the new place in about 4 weeks, so I will keep you posted as to what happens…  I know this is a bit rhetorical, but what the heck is wrong with people!?



on Mar 03, 2008
I think you need a new babysitter!LOL! Seriously! I know they are hard to come by but what an example she is!