If you are a divorced person that shares parenting responsibilities with your former spouse, then you will enjoy this blog. Based on that single fact you should be able to contribute many fun stories for the rest of us to enjoy. The purpose of this blog is to tell real life stories about your co-parenting experiences that somehow highlights the humor of it all. The only rules are that your stories must be true, never use real names and children must never be in danger or harmed in any way in your stories.
The First Day of the Babysitter Chronicles
Published on February 28, 2008 By cortafuegos In Parenting

Hello, my name is Corta.  I created and started this blog as a way to share the many frustrations and fun stories about my former spouse and our co-parenting experiences.  I know there are millions and millions of divorced people out there raising children that are frustrated and annoyed with their former spouse.  Somehow there is humor hidden beneath all this silliness somewhere.  Come once, come daily, read and laugh, share your stories with the rest of us...most importantly find some humor in the deeply frustrating experiences that drive us all nuts. 

You might likely ask why the blog is called "Babysitter Chronicles".  It all started when I became very frustrated with my ex-wife and her lack of parental common sense.  From time to time it was necessary to vent about the many issues that surfaced and with kids around a lot it is not appropriate to make reference to her.  Therefore the first name that came to mind that captured her parenting skills was "babysitter".  In fact, babysitter was too kind and I realized that even babysitters made dinner for the kids and paid attention to them.  But, since I couldn't think of anything better at the time, I stuck with babysitter.  After that day I began to entertain my friends with my frustrations and the subject of the emails was "Babysitter Chronicles".  And, the Babysitter Chronicles was born...  I felt so much better taking a humorous approach to all of silly and ridiculous behaviors that I felt compelled to create a platform to entertain and help others.  So, enjoy!



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